Sourcing reliable, specialised and qualified personnel is our specialty. We have the knowledge and expertise to match the right person for the position.


Let us explain how we can relieve you of the burden & complexity of directly employing staff by providing all responsibilities such as entitlements & insurances in our competitive rates.


Looking for work? Register your interest with us today, we may already have the position you are seeking.

DSA provide suitably qualified, skilled and experienced workers to clients for short or long term placements.

We specialise in engineering professionals and can cater for all disciplines and levels of engineering. Whether you need a design engineer or an engineering draftsperson, we have the hands on knowledge and expertise in software programs to enable us to recruit the right person for your project.


Catering for all disciplines and levels of engineering including mechanical, civil, structural and electrical engineering specialists.


Do you require an architect, architectural draftsperson, CAD or other software operator to assist in getting a project ready for tender by a critical date.


Fitters, welders, maintenance assistants, riggers, crane drivers, electricians, labourers, carpenters, forklift drivers and more!


Database management, CAD specialists, surveyors, chainmen, document control, database entry or any other requirement in the technical field.